Our Export Area

The world is a village we would like to serve. To reach and conquer the corners of the earth, we have entailed logistics facilities.We export the choicest of our products across the world and are renowned as the best tiles exporters from India. We thrive till our designer digital ceramic floor tiles from India reaches to your door step. For this, we have established Export Facilitation Centre which primarily looks after the quality of export, efficient transit process and timely delivery of export.

We are committed as the best tiles exporters of high quality digital ceramic floor tiles.

Countries We Export

Quality & Policy

Quality analysis is also a very important part of our production process as we believe in adhering to strict production parameters.
There are steps of prior to installation:

Spending on the surface using dentate trowel,whose size will very from 6 x 6 mm.
Hit the tile with a rubber hammer(from the center to the edges of the tiles).
Tiles must be paves leaving a gap between them which will vary from 1 mm.joint from placing them.
Joining has to be carried out using a rubber platte knife,which will be used to compress material with backwards and forwards movements.
Once the work has been finished.There are lefttovers of the employed materials which have to be removed as soon as possible.